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The Blockchain Confusion
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With Blockchain Alchemy we channel our passion for development into top quality service that unlocks the full potential of our clients and facilitates their growth locally and internationally.

The Blockchain Confusion

We Make You Understand

We offer basic workshops on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. What is the Blockchain? What opportunities does this innovative technology offer? What is the disruptive potential of the Blockchain?

In addition to beginner workshops, we also offer advanced workshops in which you can dive deep into this technology and gain a great deal of technical understanding. You will program your first Smart Contract and understand what the terms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, IOTA etc. mean.

We Make You Understand!

Send us a message and we will inform you in detail how we can make you fit for the Blockchain, so that you can have a say in this “hot topic”.

The Value Web

The Blockchain Use Cases and Business Models

Immerse yourself in exciting use cases and business models around the Blockchain.

What types of models already exist and how can you transfer these models to your own business?

We will show you the latest developments and start-ups that are currently driving blockchain development and thus influencing a significant part of digitization.

Whether as a keynote, workshops or concrete projects, we support you in discovering and then implementing blockchain technology in line with your business model.

Explore the Value Web!

Send us a message and we will inform you in detail how we can support you on the topic “Value Web” and your use case on blockchain basis.

The Blockchain Compass

The Worldwide Network of Alchemists – The Circle

Our network includes more than 10,000 blockchain and innovation experts around the world. We are linked to the hotspots of the world from Silicon Valley via Berlin to China.

Main topic is the Blockchain. But topics like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Robotics, Transhumanism are represented in our network.

Find out how exponential innovations and disruptive business models evolve.

Join us and visit Blockchain Labs and Innovation Centres in Silicon Valley (USA), Toronto (Canada), Frankfurt / Berlin (Germany), Paris (France), Moscow (Russia), Dubai (UAE), Beijing / Shanghai / Shenzhen (China), Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo (Japan).

Get to know start-ups and innovation centres of companies, network, learn from each other and start joint projects. Our network “The Circle” supports you with an exclusive circle of entrepreneurs and companies who want to shape the future together.

Be part of "The Circle" and travel with us!

Send us a message and we will inform you in detail about “The Circle” and our upcoming trips to our partners.

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